Part of the reason we started this online gang was to reach a greater scooter community than what’s available on the ground here in AZ, but another reason was to document the year from getting my first scoot (1970 Vespa VBB 150) to the gang hitting the road for AmeriVespa 2012, in Lake Geneva, WI.

The hubby and I have been working to get my scooter since April with the help of a close friend who’s a wealth of knowledge and a stellar local shop owner, who happens to have said scooter. Well, he’s been in the process of putting the V back together after a good once-over/ replace some stuff thing.

Now, I know there’s a category of people who say you’ve never lived until you’ve built your own bike. I agree, to a point. I also think that if there’s one available to you, essentially put together, it makes no sense to take that person’s work away from them and tear it apart just to “live”. I also am very short on time and if it helps someone else keep the lights on and feed their family, I’m 100% about it. I have much less time to devote to a huge project than I’d like, so I’m having someone else take the lead on that deal, this time.

Anyway, I’ve been expecting it to be ready, though we never established a firm complete date, just because we’ve been busy and saving up money for the scooter. However the last time we were in the shop we were telling him that we were looking to have it in the next month or so, and that was just about a month ago. The man went back in there a couple of days ago and it seems that a couple of parts were back ordered (I’m sure Mr. Shop Owner said that when we were there the last time, but I’ve got a memory like a goldfish so I put it out of my mind I guess). The parts had literally JUST arrived when my man was there, and while he got to see what they looked like (along with my fancy new white wall tires), they were obviously yet to be put IN the bike. Our shop guy has been working himself to the bone, 7 days a week for several months trying to get projects done and running his business, so I can’t blame him for not jumping right into putting mine back together. But the next two weeks is going to SUCK. I really wanted to be on my new Vintage Vespa like, this weekend. Call me impatient…

Isn’t it cute???

So, yeah, it’s going to be 2 more weeks before me and the V are together. Just more time to get my riding gear and time to geek out over scooter stuff I suppose. Two. More. Weeks. I think I can manage. It’s already been months…

peas and scoots.

wend e

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wend E machete is a "stage" name/ pen name for me, Sandra McKee, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I'm an active, non-traditional, bleeding heart liberal, mother, and devoted wife. I'm also an ethical vegan and scooter enthusiast. Open sharing of information and creative resistance of authority are my mantra. Question everything. Think for yourself. Live a life of loving kindness and compassion towards others. We are all connected. United. View all posts by wendemachete

4 responses to “Setbacks….

  • Glen G.

    Like your Blog, very nice. But why don’t you come out with us? Actually, maybe it’s not much but our club started with 10 people and we turned it into 315+ as of today. That makes us the 3rd largest meetup scooter club in North America.. so we have a pretty big “on the ground” presence as you mention ;-). Best of luck and hope to meet you.
    Glen G., President Scooter Club of Metro Phoenix

    • wendemachete

      Thanks for the invite Glen! We really appreciate it. As neotrotsky mentioned, we’re still in the “getting scooters” stage of our development.
      I think once I feel a little more confident on my wheels, I’ll be more likely to go out for rides with others. Until then, I think I’ll be sticking close to home. I’m DEFINITELY interested in learning all I can from other experienced riders. 🙂

      Thanks again!
      wend E machete, co-founder- Slow Kids Scooter Gang (sounds official, right?)

  • neotrotsky

    We’re working on it! The biggest trick is to actually have bikes to go on rides with, and currently our small crew is still waiting on our bikes! It’s one of those strange things where EVERYONE is without wheels at the same time. Within a few short weeks that will change, and I for one am totally down with riding with you guys! Patience… when we finally get rolling again, you will see the glorious celebrations here on this page.

  • wendemachete

    Ug. The waiting continues. So I was expecting my VBB to be done by now. Sadly, not the case. I feel as if it’s never going to happen, but I also know that it happens. My man called the shop yesterday while I was working to find out that our mechanic was not in the office for the rest of the day. Lame sauce. Fingers crossed for the bike to be coming home to me soon.

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