Guess what made’s Best of 2011 list…

Yep, it goes to show what is old is new again, especially if it comes with a new twist!  According to, the best scooter on the market in the US for 2011 is the Stella 150 4T!

It’s really no surprise, since LML (the manufacturers of the Stella for Genuine Scooter Company) totally re-designed the engine to accommodate 4 cycle fuel management and did away with having to mix oil and gas, but kept the steel chassis and manual shifting goodness. New conveniences like disc brakes and old favourites like the ability to use nearly every Vintage Vespa PX/Stella 2T accessory make it a winning combo.  Add to this the continuing good sales of their “Buddy” line of scooters and rumblings of an automatic “crusier” scooter soon to join the line up, and Genuine is shaping up to have a strong return to the top of the scooter heap

The Kymco People 300i took honorable mention, which isn’t a bad place to be for a great large scooter.  It’s upgrade to fuel injection along with an equally needed injection of updated styling make this bike a good freeway commuter for the money at $5399.  While about the same price as a Vespa GTS300, it gives a much needed alternative for scooter riders who don’t want a scooter version of a Goldwing

So, it’s something for everyone tonight!


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A Technical Director at a somewhat-sorta-prestigious live performance studio, audio engineer and secondary engineering student (the second time around) by day. But, by night I am a daring (if not slightly melancholy) motorscooter enthusiast and gearhead searching for a garage and steady paycheck. View all posts by neotrotsky

One response to “Guess what made’s Best of 2011 list…

  • wendemachete

    Congrats to the Stella for being such an awesome scoot and a good buy. Stella will always have a place near and dear to my heart… but the scooter section of my heart goes to the V.

    I have to say as a lover of all things “retro”, the Kymco looks WAY too bulky and a bit dated, not in a good way. However, being a commuter bike is a definite plus.

    Thanks for posting! 🙂

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