So, why the silence?


Ok, so it’s been a bit of a while since our last post.  But, there’s a reason:

We’re still lacking scooters.  ALL of us!

It’s not from lack of effort.  Like anything else in the US these days, it’s simply lack of cash or lack of resources to get things rolling.  But, have no fear!  We haven’t become one of those tens of thousands of scooter groups who had a flash in the pan idea and then let it rot on the vine.  One of us has her scooter paid for and waiting for the shop to put the finishing touches on it.  The other is waiting a few months to get the ‘perfect’ bike it seems.  Me?

Well… it’s cash.  HOPEFULLY by next week there shall be the news of a new Stella or vintage Vespa gracing the screen here for your naked steaming eyes.  But, at the moment we’re in a limbo of the worst kind.  It’s the week before funds are released in my program, which is where I’m sourcing a lot of the cash to get this done.  Of course, I also have an education to pay for, a family to support and bills to catch up on.  There are cars to be fixed and/or replaced, groceries to be bought, mattresses to be replaced, computers to be upgraded, books to be downloaded, semi-expensive vodka that has been drank by the roommates replaced… eh, you get the point.

So hang tight kids! We’ll soon be terrorizing your neighbourhoods.  That is, once we get all of our ducks in a row.

I promise, it WILL be epic!

About neotrotsky

A Technical Director at a somewhat-sorta-prestigious live performance studio, audio engineer and secondary engineering student (the second time around) by day. But, by night I am a daring (if not slightly melancholy) motorscooter enthusiast and gearhead searching for a garage and steady paycheck. View all posts by neotrotsky

One response to “So, why the silence?

  • wendemachete

    Thanks for putting it out there that we’ve not actually fallen off the planet neotrotsky! Indeed, we have not. Life just has a funny way of putting the occasional potholes in our paths. I hate how busy things have been lately, and none of it has been from scooting! Grr. Oh well. Such is life. SOOOOON our friends. Very soon!

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