Commuter Scooting on the Rise,0,4851795.story

In the above article a co-founder of a Chicago based Vintage Vespa scooter club, Katrine Wallace, (Mayday Scooter Club of Chicago) speaks to a local mag about how scooting is making it’s way from hobby to viable mode of commuting. I mean, who can argue with 50-100 MPG, right? But she also makes the point that there’s still quite a stigma in the US about riding scooters, rather than say, a motorcycle.

I find this particular point interesting. Yes, MPG and cheap travel are important, but that’s not the ONLY reason many of us choose to ride a scooter as compared to a motorcycle. Hell, I think I’d drive a motorize shopping cart before I rode a motorcycle, mainly because they kinda scare me…. more on that another time. The thing that is so appealing to the scooter world, aside from the super cool alternative people you’d meet: Like THIS guy,

but also there’s a whole community of people that get joy out of riding and the history behind it. Motorcycle people often fall into 2-3 categories: Sport bikes, Touring bikes and Old bikes. The last two have a lot of overlap, but you get the point. Scooters are pretty much Old or New…. there’s a lot of snobs in both camps, just as with any other “culture”, but riding is often more important than WHAT you ride, at least in my experience. I’m not sure that most motorcycle riders really “get” that aspect of scooter culture.

I’m going to make an analogy and those that get it, well, you’re my kind of people. To me, scooting is like a cult movie. Say, RHPS (Rocky Horror Picture Show), you love it or you just don’t get it. If you love it, you’re part of the cult following and there’s a bond between you and the other followers… if you don’t, well, there’s not much to say, you just don’t get it. There’s no amount of convincing that will get you to understand why it’s awesome or why people love it… it’s just not your cup of tea. There’s nothing wrong with that, it is what it is. But there are people who just don’t get the appeal of scooting, but those of us that do, are more like the above pictured guy than maybe we’d like to admit. Nevertheless, there are going to be people that just “don’t get it” when it comes to us, people who think they do but really have no idea the art, the craft and the coolness that is scooting/ scooter culture and then there’s us, the people who are all about it.

Happy Scooting Kids!!!

~wend E

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