Our new addition has FINALLY arrived!!!

I would like to take this moment to thank our mechanic for fixing up the 1970 150 Super and bringing it home to us. She’s a little worse for wear today… trying to learn to ride is quite difficult, but all in all we have managed to survive the day of stalling out.

I drive a manual trans car, so I get the concept of shifting and all that, but holy cow, old iron is really touchy. I can tell already that the yet-to-be-named Super is going to be a freaking DIVA. She’s temperamental, a bit feisty, and boy, don’t cross her. You’ll be sorry. However, if you catch her on a good evening and sweet talk her a little, she just might be kind. I just have to keep telling myself that I have to be patient and go slow with her.

I did manage to get into 2nd gear down the street, but that was after several kills and a few rounds of “1st gear only”. Anyway, there will be more to come in the trials and tribulations of learning to ride a vintage Vespa.

Until next time, here’s some pics. She’s pretty….


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wend E machete is a "stage" name/ pen name for me, Sandra McKee, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I'm an active, non-traditional, bleeding heart liberal, mother, and devoted wife. I'm also an ethical vegan and scooter enthusiast. Open sharing of information and creative resistance of authority are my mantra. Question everything. Think for yourself. Live a life of loving kindness and compassion towards others. We are all connected. United. View all posts by wendemachete

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