Vespa Rally Euro Championship

Vespa World Club Post

   According to the above mentioned article, this year featured some of the most aggressive riders yet. I’m not sure if it means they were fighting or if they were just that hardcore. I’m going to assume that they were just really putting it out there and fighting for the top spots in their categories.

   Either way, not only was Stage V Vespa Rally European Championship 2011- Lecco-Garlate set in the beautiful Lake Como area, but it was also a reunion of sorts with Knight Giuseppe Cau, gold medal winner of the race “Six Days” in 1951 handing out awards and waving the flag to start the competition.

I personally want to congratulate all of the riders, but I also want to point out that there is a special women’s category. Shout out to all the lady riders. Way to go!

Once I figure out how to ride my V, it would be AWESOME to race one. I don’t think I’ll be racing the one I have now, just because it’s too pretty, but someday I’ll have a collection. 🙂

Until Next time!!!

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