EICMA 2011: BMW introduces… a Scooter! No, serious.

What you see isn’t a concept rendering: It’s said to be BMW’s next leap in their motorcycle lineup. The Motorrad C600 Sport/C650 GT is the Maxi-Scooter that BMW hopes will propel them to new markets where the C1 Scooter they previously attempted could not.

The new bike, which is said to drop around the first quarter of 2012, will sport a twin cylinder 650cc engine that will deliver up to 60HP (!!!) to the rear wheel by means of a CVT. The bike, which is a first for BMW, is also said to start at a “competitive price” to other Maxi-scooters in the market. Given the aging population in the US and the growing interest in large displacement bikes such as the VMAX and Suzuki Burgman, this could stand a serious chance. And, if they are true on their price point, expect this bike to drop for just shy of $10,000 US, which is a bargain for a BMW motorbike.

So, what say you? Is a BMW big bike worth hanging with the rest of the scooter population? Is it too big? Just right? Too much?

Yes, this post may be a bit late on the news, but a complete computer crash of the computer here at the Slow Kid’s Administrative offices (i.e. the corner of a townhouse where a cheap Ikea desk sits) has delayed posts a bit, so bear with us.


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