EICMA 2011: Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring 350. Even they go big..

And, as if the new Aprilia auto motorbike and BMW Maxi-scooter news wasn’t enough to make you think that the scooter scene in general had compensation issues, I present to you this:


The new Beverly Sport Touring 350 is the largest Piaggio to date for the line.  The Beverly has done VERY well for the makers of Vespa, selling 310,000 bikes in various displacements since 2001.  This time around, they went nuts with a 350 engine with an output of 33hp, 150/70 rear tire, sport styling and one of the first bikes to use the ABS/ASR braking system for maximum safety.  Yep kids, this thing has brakes more complex than your Volvo and the size to match.

Now, with the wow aside, is Piaggio pushing the limits of the definition of a scooter? No doubt the Beverly line (sold as simply the “BV” in some of the US showrooms strangely) is the fighter that Piaggio has put in the ring to compete with Honda’s taking of the Italian home market, and has given Piaggio a more modern face.  But, wit this bike dwarfing most large-wheel commuter bikes, one wonders that at the price, will they be able to stay competitive price wise with Honda or Peugeot?

No word if this will be available in the US, but if it is, expect a price to start well over $6500 to $7k.  Remember, Italian style isn’t cheap.  Then there’s that whole Italian economy insolvency thing that could hamper exports….


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A Technical Director at a somewhat-sorta-prestigious live performance studio, audio engineer and secondary engineering student (the second time around) by day. But, by night I am a daring (if not slightly melancholy) motorscooter enthusiast and gearhead searching for a garage and steady paycheck. View all posts by neotrotsky

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