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And so it FINALLY begins: The rise of a Scooter Club… and the registration nightmare

SavedPhoto001 (2)

My poor scoot…  So forlorn at the scary scooter shop.  Sadly, this hasn’t been the most glorious start for our small rag-tag group of scooters.

The biggest problem with riding a vintage bike is the effort it takes to maintain a vintage bike.  Like any mechanical device, they need upkeep and repair.  But, with old machines, the upkeep is particular and the repair can be rather involved and costly, especially since many “vintage” machines run on parts that aren’t manufactured much anymore, and use technologies that many technicians and mechanics have long-since forgotten.

That brings us to my lonely little P200e’s story.

While it runs fantastic, my bike faces a particular problem of not being able to pass Maricopa County emissions.  Yes, here they emission every small bike, car, truck and…well, anything with a plate.  Nevermind that there are probably a half million 2-stroke weed trimmers and leaf blowers contributing more pollution than all the cars in the valley.  But, the law is the law and after countless fiddling with the carb, the jets and mix settings, the death blow was a pretty obvious one: A large puddle of fuel under the bike after it had sat being parked.

This meant a carb rebuild.  Now, on any other bike in a normal house this would be pretty simple. But, I live in an apartment and repairs are a no-go.  Having a vintage scooter while in an apartment makes it doubly difficult, because you WILL end up wrenching on the scooter.  And with finals and transferring to a new location for work, the poor bike has sat idle since, well, the last posting on here.

But, that sad little image above will hopefully have a happy ending, when a carb rebuild and a few other new bits will finally put this bike on the track to getting legal plates and prepare us for the journey to Amerivespa ‘12!

So, stay tuned!  Things are beginning to take shape and FINALLY get interesting.  Soon, the scoot will be on the road and the rides will begin in earnest to prepare for the 4,000 mile adventure!  On here, we will be bringing you video updates and build ups with gear advice, test runs and all sorts of shenanigans a-la “Long Way Round” style.  Or at least, that’s the hope…