Monthly Archives: February 2012

A quiet time here, and due to many things…

Ok, so I know it’s been dead as of late. That’s because it’s been chaos as life throws us. But, while the Amerivespa trip idea may be shelved for this year, some of us here are still trying to struggle on.

My little story is that of loss and gain: I had to give up the P200e after gaining not only a new job, but a promotion at that job to Assistant Director! This is a great oppurtunity filled with overtime and long distance commutes that the Vespa did not dig. So, it was traded out for a Genuine Scooter Company Rattler 110! But…

It died.

So, while I sit here doing homework for a 20-credit semester on one screen and a sound design plot for a show at the full time job, my scooter sits at a local shop. It will probably be at least 2 weeks before it is back on the road, and it may be at least another month before things restart on here. Have faith!!! This project has not been abandoned. Life has just thrown a few wrenches at us. That and the vast network of Slow Kids Scooter Club command bunkers (i.e. our houses) are in the process of being relocated all at once. So. We shall be around still. Just hang out for a bit.

Vespa humor for the day

While I’m slightly offended at these remarks… well, since I have a vintage V and I’m not a fan of lumping people into generalizations, I found this blog post quite funny.

If you are in search of a fun game, a white person who has recently purchased a Vespa can be a source of tremendous entertainment.  Step One, get them talking about their Vespa (easy).  Step Two, start asking them why they didn’t save money by getting a Honda or Suzuki that gets the same mileage.  Step Three, see how many of the following justifications a white person will use during the ensuing rant:  environment, parking, urban lifestyles, union labor, writers, fuel efficiency, Roman Holiday, study abroad, and being into Vespas before other people.”

And just because I find it cute and retro THIS


Over the line? I know I’d be pissed…

On the UK Mirror Online site

THIS: was posted. Apparently, the heartbroken girlfriend of a cheater got him where it hurt? At least in the view of someone who snapped this picture. Yikes.

Anyway, thought I’d share…

(Note: don’t cheat if you like your scooter intact. Just saying.)