Over the line? I know I’d be pissed…

On the UK Mirror Online site

THIS: was posted. Apparently, the heartbroken girlfriend of a cheater got him where it hurt? At least in the view of someone who snapped this picture. Yikes.

Anyway, thought I’d share…

(Note: don’t cheat if you like your scooter intact. Just saying.)

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wend E machete is a "stage" name/ pen name for me, Sandra McKee, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I'm an active, non-traditional, bleeding heart liberal, mother, and devoted wife. I'm also an ethical vegan and scooter enthusiast. Open sharing of information and creative resistance of authority are my mantra. Question everything. Think for yourself. Live a life of loving kindness and compassion towards others. We are all connected. United. View all posts by wendemachete

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