When in Rome….

Do as the Romans, right?


If anyone’s seen the movie Roman Holiday, you know that it’s a super cute story that involves 60’s scooter culture. This article in The Blender shows off how you too can sight see and be stylish in Italy or in any city, really. I know much of it is product placement for “lifestyle” people, however, there are some really cool kitsch ideas.

(Disclaimer: I do not shop at nor read this blog from Williams-Sonoma, but I did find this article and found it interesting.)

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wend E machete is a "stage" name/ pen name for me, Sandra McKee, an aspiring writer and entrepreneur. I'm an active, non-traditional, bleeding heart liberal, mother, and devoted wife. I'm also an ethical vegan and scooter enthusiast. Open sharing of information and creative resistance of authority are my mantra. Question everything. Think for yourself. Live a life of loving kindness and compassion towards others. We are all connected. United. View all posts by wendemachete

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