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An Arab Spring so close, you can smell it over the 2-stroke smoke!

So, you’ve contemplated riding to Amerivespa this year and found it too pedestrian.  You’ve thought “Alaska? Eh, there’s still asphalt”.  Even the cartels and unstable political forces in Mexico don’t pique that sense of adventure when you’re looking for a *true* long distance haul.  What’s an adventurous scooterist to do?


Yep.  There is a company currently still going full tilt into offering scooter tours in the form of a trans-Egypt challenge.  Nevermind the factors such as a brand new government where even it’s own people aren’t sure who is effectively in charge and a flashpoint for Christian, Muslim and other indigenous peoples and faiths.  This is one of the oldest nation-states on Earth, and while they may not of had the best of press in the past year, the sense of wonder and adventure are REALLY tempting! 

The tour is set for October 12-20 2012, and details can be found at  The details (as copied from the website):

Cross Egypt Challenge is not a commercial event, therefore the following rates / fees cover part of the actual cost of participating in such a unique event while we look to cover the additional cost through our loyal sponsors.
Registration fees for the 2012 season of Cross Egypt Challenge are: LE 9,600 or USD 1,600 (the fees are subject to 10 to 20% deduction in the case enough sponsors come on board)
All fees are to be paid at the time we confirm your participation spot f the Cross Egypt Challenge 2012 season. All banking details will be forwarded to you at the time of notification.
– Securing a scooter for the participant during the challenge
– Securing a brand new helmet for the participant’s use during the challenge
– Securing a brand new gloves for the participant’s use during the challenge
– 2 branded polo shirts + 4 branded long sleeve t-shirts for each participant to wear during the challenge
– Refueling during the entire challenge
– Oil changes during the challenge
– Scooter maintenance during the challenge
– Road tolls (where applicable)
– Cost of army/military and special permits for the entire route
– Accommodation for 7 nights in hotels
– Camping in the desert for 1 night (with all camp gear provided)
– Desert camping activities
– All meals during the challenge including welcome and farewell dinners.
– Return flight from Luxor to Cairo
– Flights from/to Egypt (for international participants)
– Visa charges
– Extra accommodation prior or after the above schedule
– Extra food and beverage beyond 3 meals a day
– Any personal extras or any expense not mentioned above

If I had any spare cash and didn’t have a driving push to finish my two degrees, I would be TOTALLY down for this!  Mrs. Trotsky (would that make her Ms. Frida Kahlo technically? Eh, only the art geeks got that one…) thinks of course I am insane. 

I’ve grown accustomed to such things.

Yes… a long time gone: A Message from Trotsky

Helmet Camera Bilt

But, hopefully not forgotten.

It’s been a bit rough over in this part of the net, for the grand army of two members are still on a bit of a struggle.  Sadly, we mourn the loss of my P200e still, and add to it the loss of the Rattler 110, which proved ultimately not up to the task set before it.  It suffered two engine seizes proving it’s poor design and inability to handle the heat. 

But, we soldier on. 

The ‘70 of the other member of this shindig is still around, but it sits unregistered.  Hopefully soon, it will be revived and soon I myself will be back to a proper bike.  The funds have not been available, but the future is looking bright for our house.  Soon, another Stella or Vespa will grace these pages and will carry me on.  But, until then, sit tight. 

The promise of adventure will still be fulfilled.  Last season just wasn’t the right time. This next season will be. I’m sure you have seen from the other member of this “thing” that we squarely have a goal in mind. We were not able to attend Wisconsin, but San Diego… that is easy!  Also, there may be even more adventure.  But that depends on two factors: My getting a quality stable bike, and her getting her bike on the road.  Not much in the way in the grand sense I suppose…

Stay tuned.

Location, Location, Location!

Sorry we’ve been taking a break from this blog oh faithful readers. There’s been some life happening as usual with the SlowKids, but we’re not dead. Promise.

It has come to our attention that the city has been announced for Amerivespa 2013~ no dates have been released yet, sadly.

However, this Kid is especially happy to know that it’ll be in one of my favorite cities. Good old San Diego!!! Bikes and beaches?! I think those things go perfectly together! It’s a little closer to home than we were hoping, but the planning stages for how to make a great ride have already begun!!!

Since a whole year ago, we were planning to go to Lake Geneva, and unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards due to that pesky life thing. NEXT YEAR, will be a whole different story. I assure you.

Details will be posted as we receive them, never fear. Until next time!