Holy Crap!!! You like us!

I just hopped onto the stats page on WordPress (because I just desperately like any task I do to be liked by people… it’s a condition that stems from being the last kid picked for kickball back in grammar school or something) and I just noticed that on Thursday, our daily view count topped not only 100, but sailed to 118!!! This means 118 of you netizens out there actually gave a crap about what we’re sometimes writing about on here!

Seeing such good news, it prompts me to write some more.  We’ve had some interest by others who like the idea of the Slow Kids, but there’s just one slight problem: None of them have scooters Disappointed smile  So, stick tight and you will soon start to see things gelling around here.  And, hopefully I can manage my time enough to get back to going to rides and rallies with other clubs!

So, thank you for the views and keep tuned here!

About neotrotsky

A Technical Director at a somewhat-sorta-prestigious live performance studio, audio engineer and secondary engineering student (the second time around) by day. But, by night I am a daring (if not slightly melancholy) motorscooter enthusiast and gearhead searching for a garage and steady paycheck. View all posts by neotrotsky

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