We are a rider group for Scooters both Vintage and Modern in Phoenix, Arizona USA.  We are all-inclusive to bikes of all makes as well as all people who ride.  While there may be a majority of Vintage Vespa, don’t let that scare you off!  We love the autos too 🙂  This group was founded by a couple of nutters who love all things with small engines and high risk, so that should probably tell you just how safe it is around here…

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  • dburget

    Any idea how I can license & pass emissions in Gilbert, AZ on a 2005 Stella 150?

    • wendemachete

      From what I understand, it’s just like any motorcycle. You have to get an inspection/ emissions and get it registered. If you don’t want to wait in DMV lines, there’s plenty of 3rd party places all over the valley these days. I hope that helps! 🙂

  • neotrotsky

    The problem with the Stella is that you nee to have it emissions tested. In the state of Arizona, this is handled by a 3rd party company called Gordon-Darby. They run the emissions locations in the state and be warned: They are complete morons. Running a 2-stroke bike, you will face a few issues. The key things to remember:

    -Come with FULL registration (temporary or permanent) documentation plus your title. They may challenge VIN numbers if there is any discrepancy or if a little scratch on the VIN plate looks like tampering, so simply be ready for it.
    -Don’t let them try to “declare” you a moped and wave you off. This will cause a problem down the road with insurance and even bigger headache with tagging the bike in Arizona. It’s a motorcycle, and don’t let them forget that!
    -Inform them that it is a 2-stroke motorbike before testing. If they test it as a 4-stroke, it will fail. And, rather than admit fault they will list the fail as an attempt. You only have so many chances to get a machine to pass emissions before you actually cannot pass it at all in the state. So, make it VERY clear that it is a 2-stroke.

    If it has never been registered in the state before, you will have to go to a state DMV office. A 3rd party DMV will not do it because it will need a level 1 inspection. If it has been registered in the state, then a 3rd party DMV will work, but you will pay more. I personally find the 3rd party DMV’s to be less knowledgeable and not always faster. Then again, growing up in a Democratic Socialist system and in the Military, dealing with government drones is second nature to me.

    If it sounds a bit overwhelming, it’s simply meant to be a heads up. Scooters don’t get respect in America in general, much less in Arizona. As long as the bike is in good condition, a Stella should be able to pass since it has 2 stroke auto-mix and a 5-port head. Older bikes or bikes with pre-mix oil only and 3 port heads (like my old P200e) will face an uphill battle.

    Interesting fact: Maricopa County is the ONLY place aside from LA County that requires emissions testing of motorbikes under 250cc’s.

    • Scootfreeordie in chandler Az

      as of june 21 2013 the state of arizona does NOT require any motorcycle or scooter to have an emissions test. this was so cool to find out because my registration was due and i was wondering if i was going to have trouble getting my 2008 stella 2 stroke to pass
      i just went in to the DMV and used the kiosk to scan my registration notice and swiped my credit card for a 5 yr registration tag
      i did five years because it was a huge saving over doing one or two years
      it cost me 103$ for 5 yrs so everyone with a scooter that wouldnt pass emissions now go to the dmv and they cant fuck with you hahahahha

      • wendemachete

        I had my 1970 Vespa emissioned a week before they changed the law… stupid. It was $20, so I can’t be all that mad. But It’s very inexpensive to ride a scooter, I just wish the weather would cooperate long enough for me to get some ride time in.

  • Daniel

    Hey there, I’m in Phoenix, looking for a good home for my 4T Stella. 2013, 9500m, still going strong. Let me know if you or friends have interest.

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