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Vespa World Days and more!

Wrapping up just a couple weeks ago was the 12th Annual Vespa World Days. This year was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Thousands of riders and spectators attended the event from all over the world.

Here’s a link with some of the details and delightful photos.

Vespa Wrap up

And in other Vespa news, we are inching ever closer to a fully electric model.

The Vespa Elettrica is set to be released later this year, boasting 80-160 miles per charge, depending on which model you have. The Elettrica X has double the distance of the base model, says Piaggio designers. It is supposed to maintain brand design, but offer some of the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a hi-tech machine. This will be an interesting addition to the Vespa family.

Amerivespa 2017

Happy Monday Slow Kids!

While perusing the interwebs about scooter related business, I came across this fun announcement: Amerivespa 2017


July 6-9th in Seattle, WA

Celebrating 25 years of Amerivespa in the picturesque Seattle, this rally will include multiple opportunities for riders to mingle, shop, showcase their scoot, and take in all that is the Pacific Northwest with coffee and culture. If you’re a VCOA member, registration is $60 on average, and a bit more if you’re not a member.

See the website for the schedule of rides and other events.

Anyone planning on going? Let us know what your plan is and where you’re traveling from if you’re planning to make the trip. We’d love to know who is out there representing.

New Year, New Scooter Goals

Hello out there in cyberland!

While having a family and job can really take a toll on “free time”, the passion that is Scooter Culture is alive and well with our Gang.

My scooter-partner-in-crime has been exceedingly busy, as have I, with the usual time sucks. He’s got himself a snazzy Stella these days, and I’m still screwing with the Vespa that just will not live. I’ve got grand plans to take apart the motor to get that done right again. At the very least, she’s safe in my garage, awaiting some spare time to take out her heart for some surgery.  We’re getting there.

What’s cool is that a fellow from my day job is a scooter enthusiast as well. He’s the former owner of a little Honda Ruckus. Now that he’s got a scooter-enthusiast-buddy in me, he’s even more motivated to get riding again! SCORE!

So while we’re limping along through this lame excuse for a winter, we are making eversoslight progress around these parts.


Keep your eyes on the road Slow Kids and see you on the flip side!


Behold: Vespa’s “Model 46” concept: A retro-retro bike?

Piaggio, like most manufactures of the world, has brought a showing of bikes to the EICMA 2011 bike show.  This is a big event in the world of motorcycles, and usually attracts the best of what companies have to offer.  Over the next few days I’ll be sharing the scooter side of things, but to start off I figured I would show what Vespa is billing as the “Quarantasei”. 

While stylistically it’s obviously a nod to Corradino D’Ascanio and his original prototype ’46, which was one of the first bikes to incorporate all of the design elements that later would be carried over to the bike we know today as the Vespa

While the new body sports integrated taillights, turn signals in the handle bars and an over-stylized body, the engine is reported to be a 3 valve single cylinder, fuel-injected unit that produces 9% more HP than the previous LEADER engine that it replaces.  It also is sporting a rear disc brake, which is often something lacking in the sub 250cc Vespas.

While some have raved about the new Vespa’s direction, this blogger thinks it’s not *that* great.  It surely follows the current Vespa’s track of over-stylized bodies that sort-of evoke original designs, but technology wise it doesn’t bring a lot new to the table.  Then again, there have been HUGE debuts of new bikes by LML (which we will cover later), BMW (yes, BMW is making a scooter!) and Honda that make Piaggio’s offerings seem a bit weak. 

But, what do you guys think? Is it a bold move in the right direction for Piaggio to snag market mind share from the public, or does the “retro-retroness” of the body just try too hard?