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A little humor and updates

Happy Weekend Slow Kids!

I thought to myself that I should share this little comic a friend of mine sent me. It’s so great, especially for those of us that live in the Southwest United States.

Stay tuned for my engine rebuild series. I’ve got all the parts I need and I will be attempting to rebuild my LML 5-port engine over the coming weeks. With a little one and a full time job, there’s little time to devote to a new project, but I’m really itching to get the V running again. It’s going to be premier weather in no time.

Anyway, here’s the humor!



Today is the day…

I know it’s been VERY quiet as of late.  That’s because none of the “Slow Kids” have actually been able to get off the ground!  But, fear not… plans are in motion.

After much arguing, crying, scrambling and hard work, I have been able to stabilize things at one of the two super-secret headquarters for the Slow Kids Scooter Gang.  This means that, if all goes well, a new machine will be propelling our fearless leader (that would be me… there are two, but her plan is a bit different and will hopefully be revealed later) down the streets of Phoenix in style!

What will that machine be? Well, not something you expect probably, but it will be a scooter at least.  That much I can say. 

Stay tuned…

Yes… a long time gone: A Message from Trotsky

Helmet Camera Bilt

But, hopefully not forgotten.

It’s been a bit rough over in this part of the net, for the grand army of two members are still on a bit of a struggle.  Sadly, we mourn the loss of my P200e still, and add to it the loss of the Rattler 110, which proved ultimately not up to the task set before it.  It suffered two engine seizes proving it’s poor design and inability to handle the heat. 

But, we soldier on. 

The ‘70 of the other member of this shindig is still around, but it sits unregistered.  Hopefully soon, it will be revived and soon I myself will be back to a proper bike.  The funds have not been available, but the future is looking bright for our house.  Soon, another Stella or Vespa will grace these pages and will carry me on.  But, until then, sit tight. 

The promise of adventure will still be fulfilled.  Last season just wasn’t the right time. This next season will be. I’m sure you have seen from the other member of this “thing” that we squarely have a goal in mind. We were not able to attend Wisconsin, but San Diego… that is easy!  Also, there may be even more adventure.  But that depends on two factors: My getting a quality stable bike, and her getting her bike on the road.  Not much in the way in the grand sense I suppose…

Stay tuned.

So, why the silence?


Ok, so it’s been a bit of a while since our last post.  But, there’s a reason:

We’re still lacking scooters.  ALL of us!

It’s not from lack of effort.  Like anything else in the US these days, it’s simply lack of cash or lack of resources to get things rolling.  But, have no fear!  We haven’t become one of those tens of thousands of scooter groups who had a flash in the pan idea and then let it rot on the vine.  One of us has her scooter paid for and waiting for the shop to put the finishing touches on it.  The other is waiting a few months to get the ‘perfect’ bike it seems.  Me?

Well… it’s cash.  HOPEFULLY by next week there shall be the news of a new Stella or vintage Vespa gracing the screen here for your naked steaming eyes.  But, at the moment we’re in a limbo of the worst kind.  It’s the week before funds are released in my program, which is where I’m sourcing a lot of the cash to get this done.  Of course, I also have an education to pay for, a family to support and bills to catch up on.  There are cars to be fixed and/or replaced, groceries to be bought, mattresses to be replaced, computers to be upgraded, books to be downloaded, semi-expensive vodka that has been drank by the roommates replaced… eh, you get the point.

So hang tight kids! We’ll soon be terrorizing your neighbourhoods.  That is, once we get all of our ducks in a row.

I promise, it WILL be epic!