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And because it’s a rainy day, New gear for a new season! ‘Trotksy’s choices

So, it’s a rare rainy day and the wife is still snoozing.  So, what better time to pass the lazy day away than to consider the new gear for the season! Now, I already do have a perfectly good full face helmet (if not on the cheap side) and a perfectly serviceable winter riding jacket. But, there is always room for new gear and I do need a new open-face lid.  Some gloves would be nice too…

So, here’s my take on what’s hot out there and what’s grabbed my scooter-specific attention. If anyone has a strong urge to buy me a little somethin’ pretty, just click on the link to the left of this to our Facebook page and I’ll give you all the shipping details on where to send it and the appropriate sizes Winking smile

Nolan N20 “Carbie” 3/4 Jet helmet

While the only true protection is a full face lid, I’m a grownup and I can do what I want! I can eat ice cream at 2AM, stay up late watching reruns of the Muppet Show and ignore my homework all I want!  And, sometimes, my freakishly large head needs a little relief from my chin dragging on the front of my full-face lid.  Nolan is one of the best names in the helmet biz, and when it comes to vintage styled lids, they get the best balance of retro and modern technology.  With a removable, washable liner and the cool quick-latch system that makes it easy to remove the helmet with gloves on, it really looks to be the business for those of us with the vintage scooter mindset.  And, they have a whole host of color and pattern options.  This one seems to fit well with my current interest in a black Symba.

Corazzo Mens’s Postale Armored Jacket ($189)


This one is a cool jacket.  My current one is a bit big and bulky, and just doesn’t have that “off bike” appeal without everyone looking at it and saying “Oh, you ride a motorcycle huh?”. Not that I mind showing off my riding pride, but armored jackets off the bike can be hard to live with and move around in while outside of the riding position.  This one is patterned off of the old UK Royal Mail service jackets and fits that vintage look right.  Slim fit, full armored and comes with a fleece liner it’s a great light weather jacket.  It’s also got some cool tricks like reflective piping and tape around the lower seam, and “hidden” splits in the shoulders that reveal reflective material when you reach forward to grab handlebars, but are concealed within the folds of the seams when walking around in a normal posture!  Would look good with my Chrome Mini-Metro messenger bag

(Man, I do sound like a runner-up on “America’s Next Top Model”… ugh.)

MSR Fuel Bottle ($17.95 and up)

This may seem like a silly thing for some, but when you’re looking at long distance scootering, you are face with one glaring issue: Gas stations are a LONG ways away from one another when you’re on the back roads!  Sure, going the path less traveled is a far better riding experience, but when you are riding a machine that has at BEST a 1.5 to 2 gallon tank (and more like a 1.something gallon one), your range is severely crippled.  And, while strapping the $10 plastic jerry can onto the scoot is often times the way done by many American scooterists, there is a far more elegant and safer solution.

MSR bottles are high grade aluminum cylinders specifically designed to carry petrochemical fuels like gasoline.  They are incredibly tough, easy to fill and easy to store because they don’t come in the common gallon or 5 gallon sizes.  They start as small as 11 ounces (smaller than a soda can!) and go all the way up to a liter. And, they have plenty of mounting brackets so you can find an option that works for strapping one or two onto the bike, keeping the fuel out of the way and safe until you need it. It’s the simple solutions that often will make a ride more enjoyable.  That, and an extra 25 or 50 miles of insurance quietly tucked away is worth it’s weight in gold.

Corazzo 30’s Deco T-shirt, Medium ($22.00)

No special cultural reason.  It just looks cool.  I need more scooter shirts.

Zeal Trancend SPX GPS Polarized Snow Goggles ($271)

OMGWTFBBQ!!!!11!!!!!  I. Want. These!

OK, now that I got that out of my system… you MUST check these things out.  Yes, yes, yes I know these are for snowboarders but I would rock a half helmet for what these goggles do.  While not very stylish, what they lack in appearance they make up for in hardcore tech.  These goggles don’t just protect your eyes, but they also come with a built in heads up display that relays location, time, speed and temperature.  That’s right: fighter pilot info on your scooter!  Why they don’t have these in cycle helmets yet I have no idea, but this is just ten pounds of awesome right there.

There’s obviously more things that I want, but those are just my current lust worth things.  Yes, this is what I do when I should be doing laundry our out earning money to pay for the before-mentioned lust worthy things.