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Piece of Shoe….

Hey Kids!

Long time, no post, I know. But as luck would have it, school and work take up 99% of my life. However, I have made it my personal mission to not only get my scooter up and running once again (thanks to helpful friends that are mechanically inclined), but also to take some rider safety courses. That part is important to me because all too often I see gnarly videos of motor-riders getting DESTROYED when they come into contact with other vehicles, and since I live in Phoenix where most everyone’s brain is fried by the sun, I need to increase my chances of surviving the rides. I’m not paranoid or afraid, I just want to exercise every bit of caution available to me.

With that being said, I’ve been hunting for riding footwear. I don’t typically wear boots and all of my shoes are low-tops. That isn’t very useful for riding as I understand it. Plus, I really like my skin, so keeping it attached to my body if I dump the scoot or heaven forbid worse… Now, one would think, footwear= easy peasy. Yeah, I’m discovering that’s simply not the case for me. I have some criteria that must be included in whatever I buy.

1) I’m vegan, therefore no leather. None. Ever.

2) As I said previously, I live in Phoenix. So whatever riding gear I wear must be durable but lightweight, protective but breathable. This includes shoes.

3) I have to be able to move around in them. Call me crazy, but the rigid motorcycle gear available just isn’t my style, I need to be able to move my feet and ankles, like in real shoes and if they’re stylish, that would also be helpful too.

What I have been coming across are either in the tough-ass, Harley-style gear…. or, the super protective street bike, transformer-looking gear. Neither of these things work for me on one or more of the above requirements. I cannot believe that it is THIS DIFFICULT to find shoes that don’t make me look like something out of Mad Max or like I’m covered in segmented plastic pieces.  I have a simple helmet, simple and stylish jacket, simple gloves… why can I not find simple footwear also?? It’s annoying.

The search will continue… Updates approaching….

Be safe out there Slow Kids!